Recently, a San Mateo state senator, named Jerry Hill, made news when he proposed a bill that would allow California minors to use medical cannabis inside the school premises. This proposed bill is known as the Senate Bill 1127. The officials of San Mateo County School have given Hill the necessary information to draft this bill.

To date, both medical and recreational cannabis are banned within 1,000 feet of all K-12 schools in California. At present, students who are in kindergarten through 12th grade are forbidden by the law from taking cannabis-based drugs within their school campuses. As a result, they still need to be taken out of the campus in order to have the medicine administered to them.

According to its proponent, this bill would give the students, who are in kindergarten up to 12th grade, easier access to their medications because the mere administration process interrupts with their studies. Ultimately, this proposed bill aims children to have a better performance at school while continuously living in a safe and inclusive place.

Highlights of the proposed bill

The bill, however, would only allow those students who have special needs and severe disabilities that require medical cannabis treatment. In terms of drug forms, only medically-approved and legally-accepted oils, capsules, and topical creams will be allowed inside campuses. Other forms of administration like smoking and vaping will not be allowed.

This proposed bill highlights the role of parents or guardians to administer the drugs to their own children as school personnel like nurses will not be allowed to do so. This is regardless of the fact that they can administer the drugs to the children. According to Hill, it would be quite ironic to have a school employee administer something that is, at present, considered to be “illegal”. Since public schools get their funds from the federal government, Hill said that he does not want to compromise any sources of funds for school who will be affected by the bill

This bill did not indicate where the administration of medical cannabis inside the campus should happen. Nevertheless, Hill specified that there would be specific areas where these drugs could be given during class hours.

This proposed bill will be voted on in March 2018. Once approved, California will not the first state to have this kind of legislation as other states like Washington, Florida, Colorado, Maine, and New Jersey have already passed a similar bill.

What does this mean?

Many analysts think that the proposal of bills like this is one way of addressing the issue of the use of medical cannabis in schools. While its critics are still skeptical about the fact of giving children as medicine, its supporters are very about the proposal and are really hoping for the bill to be passed as soon as possible.

On the deeper level, the mere proposal of this bill indicates that more people are starting to recognize the efficiency of medical cannabis and that its legalization in other states and countries could happen soon.




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