In the superhero comic book industry, the name of Stan Lee can be considered as a legend for having created iconic Marvel heroes like Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, the X-men, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and many more. Aside from being a writer, Lee also works as an editor and publisher (he was the former executive vice president and publisher of Marvel Comics).

Recently, Stan Lee’s name became trending online again–not because of a disease or death–but because of another troubling issue. At a current age of 95 years old, Stan Lee is currently being hit with numerous accusations of sexual misconduct to different women.

Stan Lee groping issues

Lee has been accused of sexually harassing and groping the nurses who are hired to take care of him. According to reports, he was accused of “repeatedly” groping young nurses and even asking them for oral sex in the shower. Aside from that, he always wanted to walk around naked and ordered to be pleasured in a sexual way.

  • The nursing company (the name was concealed) was quoted as saying that nurses who worked at Lee’s residence have complained to him. As a response to this, the owner of the company has also directly complained to him.
  • Earlier this month, Lee has again been accused of another groping incident–only this time, allegations were fired by a prominent comic book creator and his wife. According to the unnamed couple (their names were not disclosed to protect their identity), during a meet and greet in a comic book convention last year, Lee gave the woman a little grope and an extended kiss.
  • The couple added that at first, they thought it was funny because he is the legendary Stan Lee; however, after giving it much consideration, the couple finally broke their silence and came to reveal what happened.
  • The artist even added that he has known Lee for more than 30 years and did not believe any allegations against him until he had seen the misconduct to his wife with his very own eyes.

Lee’s response against accusations

Stan Lee categorically denied all these aforementioned sexual allegations and he seems ready to fight in order to protect his name. However, his lawyer pointed out that Lee will not file any civil case against the nursing company nor pay money to anyone since he has done nothing wrong.

  • According to recent reports, the nursing company that is currently employed by Lee states that he had been kind and polite ever since they started working for him. Aside from this statement, various people have also come out to declare that Lee has always acted like a gentleman towards men and women.
  • To date, Stan Lee hasn’t said anything about the groping issue with the comic book creator.

Being an admired figure in the comic book industry, the allegations against Lee are truly disturbing. On the other hand,  it is still important to note that any issues involving sexual harassment, regardless of age, gender, or status, should not be taken superficially.


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