Forex Markets: US Dollar In Trump’s First 100 Days

When we look at the news headlines from the last few months, it is pretty clear that we are living in some interesting times.  The surprise election of Republican candidate Donald Trump has impacted markets in several key areas — and these are all factors that should be on the radar of investors that are looking to get active in the financial markets.

Overall, the economic agenda that has been proposed by President-elect Donald Trump has been one that is heavily focused on the development of infrastructure and the manufacturing sector. This is something that could impact forex markets is significant ways if these policy moves change the overall GDP output that is posted in the data surveys for 2017.

US Dollar Trends

If Trump’s ambitious agenda is able to accomplish many of its goals, there is a strong possibility that we could see the trends extend to the currency markets.  To capitalize on these possible changes, investors will need to find forex brokers that are able to meet the needs of clients in ways that inform their investment view.  

This means major changes in currency pairs like the EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and the USD/JPY.  When trading these pairs, it is critical to find a broker that offers an excellent forex spread on the pairs that have the best liquidity levels in the market.  When a forex investor is able to find this in the market, it becomes much easier to profit in ways that benefit your winnings far more than your losses.  

World Currencies

Of course, there are many ways of investing in the financial arena.  But when we have seen some of the major events of the last year, it is important to think about how these situations might affect the investment world.  When we see something like the Brexit in Great Britain or the election of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US Presidential election, it is important to view these events in terms of how they can impact your savings and retirement well-being.

Geopolitical events like a major election can have a significant impact on the ways that world currencies trade.  And since this is the largest global market in our modern financial arena, it is critically important to monitor events here as they continue to unfold.  World currencies are always influenced by trend changes in the other major currencies, and this is something that can be used as an investment vehicle whenever forex traders are able to find a broker that offers the best forex spreads available in the market.

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