A Look Back at the Ancient Olympics

As indicated by authentic records, the very first ancient Olympics can be followed back to the 776 BC. They were devoted to the Olympian gods and were organized on the old fields of Olympia. This all went on for nearly 12 centuries, until the Emperor Theodosius proclaimed in 393 A.D. that all such agnostic religions be banned.

Olympia was the venue for the old Olympic Games, it is in the west of Peloponnese which, as indicated by Greek mythos, is the island that belonged to the creator of the Olympic Games. Magnificent sanctuaries, votive structures and antiquated sporting amenities were consolidated in a site of exceptional and enchanted brilliance. The royal temple of Zeus and the temple of Hera could be found in the central area of Olympia.

Antiquated Olympic Games

The antiquated Olympic Games were at first a one-day occasion until 684 BC, when they were stretched out to a three days event. The event was again extended to further cover 5 days in the 5th century B.C. The old Games included long jump, running, boxing, javelin, shot put and long hop, shot put, lance, boxing and horse racing events.

All the married women were not even allowed to watch the games, let alone participate in them. However, the unmarried women were allowed to attend. As far as the athletes are concerned, all the freemen were permitted to take part in the Ancient Olympic Games. Orsippos and Polymnistor, where one was a general and the other a shepherd, both were considered participation in the Games.

Part of Daily Life

The old Olympic Games played a critical role in the lives of many ancient Greeks. The members originated from each side of the Greek world to go after a definitive prize, the olive wreath and the arrival to their city-states as champions.

However, slowly the Games started to lose their significance when the Romans vanquished Greece and when Christianity turned into the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Games were viewed more as an agnostic festival, and in 393 AD, the Emperor Theodosius banned them totally.

The Games were revived by the French in the end of the 19th century. Since 1896, the Summer Olympics have been occurring every 4 years, except for the years amid the World Wars. The Winter Olympics however started in the year 1924.

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