POLITICS:  US Gears Up For Election Year 2016

The US politics has received more attention of late with a lot of political activities taking place.  President Obama is about to exit office. Just for a recap, some of the Presidential aspirants in the upcoming federal election include Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.

Indeed, the US is currently in its chaotic election season. Why is it so? There are signs of inevitable election everywhere, and the aspirants of different elective positions are making their final campaigns all over the USA, with the major focus in the New York.

The Democats

The Democrat, Senator Bernie Sander’s, campaign is the most visible, but interestingly not in the usual avenues. During his campaigns, there is no sign of him in the traditional media, no billboards, and no TV advertisements.  His campaign is all about people. His campaigns are very interesting because they are all user-driven and very reminiscent of Obama’s campaign back in 2008.

Moreover, Bernie Sanders is very defiant and determined to transform the Democratic party. He opened a phase of his presidential campaign with the aim of imposing a heavy blow on his counterpart Hillary Clinton in the state of California and gathering enough influence to advance his agenda at the treaty in July.

Clinton Political Powerhouse

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, on the other hand, is totally different from that of Bernie Sanders. She is visible despite having no stickers, no hype; and nobody is liable to take part in the impassioned dinner table discussions about her.

The probable Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is doing great in his campaigns. He recently released Supreme Court nominees list to suppress the concerns of him not selecting conventional jurists. To win over those people who are skeptical about his potential, Mr. Donalt Trump is looking forward to uniting the Republican Party behind his presidential seat. Despite some Republicans opposing this move to support Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump has prompted them of the stake of the Supreme Court.

Some of the Mr. Trump’s most vocal conservative critics remained doubtful despite the credentials of the judges on the list.

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