Why Trump?

Once again, it’s election year — and to say that Donald Trump’s run for the presidency is controversial would be a massive understatement.  To many, Trump’s views are an archaic sign of the past with little to show in the way of new or progressive ideas for running the country.  


But his latest victory in New Hampshire proves his supportive base is strong, so many of his initial doubters have started asking the question:  Why Trump?  Here, we will look at three of his strongest selling points.

Trump isn’t accepting donor money

Almost unheard of in modern politics, Trump is not beholden to the wishes of lobbyists and donor groups that would otherwise influence his policy agenda.  This means that Trump can say what he means, and mean what he says.  This gives many voters a sense of honesty that is hard to find in the competition.

Trump has a proven business record

Many Trump supporters would argue that we are seeing a complacent electorate that has quickly forgotten the Great Recession of 2009.  Trump has an unparalleled record running companies and growing businesses at a time when the country’s economy as a whole was stalling.  This means that Trump has had to develop negotiation skills and live by the results.  For many voters, this something that will translate to the world of diplomacy, as well.

Trump is willing to take a hard stance on immigration

Immigration might be Trump’s most controversial policy stance.  But when we look at the economics behind America’s immigration policy, many voters believe we are not letting in the right people.  Recent reports show that 87% of illegal immigrant families are on welfare, and that 72% of legal immigrant families are on welfare.  This means reduced tax contributions and slower economic growth prospects for the country over the long-term.  Voters like that Trump is the only candidate willing to take an aggressive stance on the issue.

So, while it might not be fashionable for progressives to stand with Trump, it is hard to deny that he has a strong case in his bid for the candidacy.  To say that Trump lacks the experience to run the country is an argument that has fallen on deaf ears — and his initial polling numbers are now being matched the hard voting results seen in primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

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